Disciple's Cross
  • Disciple's Cross

Type - Disciple's Cross


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THE DISCIPLE'S CROSStm is made up of three destinct components. The simulated leather cord reminds us of the leather straps used to beat our Savior; the wrapped wire stands for the thorn branches twisted into a crown to mock the King of Kings; and the nails represent the large spikes that were driven into the hands and feet of the Lord of Lords.

As you carry your DISCIPLE'S CROSStm with you, consider the sacrifice that Jesus made for you and take up your cross and follow Him.

We also offer crosses in custom colors. Please send an email with your special request.

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Witness Cross
  • Witness Cross

Type - Witness Cross

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The Witness Cross is made with specific colors. Each color has a special meaning. You can use the colors to illustrate the message of salvation to those who ask.

If you choose this cross, it will come with a special brochure that explains the meaning of each color. You may also download this PDF brochure to print on your own paper or brochure stock.

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Disciple's and Witness crosses make an excellent fund raiser. I'll sell them to you wholesale, and you resell them to your group or congregation for whatever you wish. Send email to diana@faithwillin.com for more information.

Shipping is $3.00 for 1-10 crosses, and $5.00 for 11-20 crosses. If you wish to purchase more than 20, please send an email and we'll talk about discounts and shipping costs.